Who Needs a Sleep Study?


  Snoring or unusual breathing reported by partner Witnessed apnoeas
  Excessive daytime sleepiness Deterioration of centration and memory
  Cardio or cerebro-vascular history Major cardio-vascular risk factors
  Morning headache and/or dry mouth Restless or unrestorative sleep
  Loss of libido and impotence Insomnia
  Depression Nocturia
  Difficult hypertension  

High Risk Groups Patient Where Treatment May Improve Prognosis & Morbidity:


  Difficult Hypertension 50%  
  Coronary Artery Disease - 25%  
  Post MI-70%  
  Atrial Fibrillation -30%  
  Heart failure-50% (AHA recommends routine screening)  
  Type 2 DM-50%  
  Strokes 60%