Sleep Quiz

Take this 1 minute Sleep Quiz to see whether you could have a sleep disorder or if you need a sleep study.

Please Note: This quiz is an important tool designed to both quickly and easily determine if a sleep disorder could possibly be present or if a sleep study possibly is needed. The taking of this test and the results obtained in no way substitutes for a medical assessment or diagnostic procedure, but serves as a useful guide to direct your concerns.

If you think you may have a sleep disorder or need a sleep study please see your doctor or go to "Becoming a Patient".

  I have been told that I snore.
  I have been told that I hold my breath while I sleep.
  I have high blood pressure or am taking medication to treat high blood pressure.
  My friends and family say that I'm often grumpy and irritable.
  I wish I had more energy.
  I get morning headaches.
  I often wake up gasping for breath.
  I am overweight.
  I often feel sleepy and struggle to remain alert during the day.
  I frequently wake with a dry mouth.
  I have difficulty falling asleep.
  I often wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep.
  No matter how much sleep I get, I never feel refreshed.
  I have fallen asleep while driving.
  I often feel like I am in a daze.
  I wake up at night coughing or wheezing.
  During the night I suddenly wake up feeling like I am choking.
  I have difficulty falling asleep.
  Thoughts race through my mind and prevent me from getting to sleep.
  I anticipate a problem with sleep several times a week.
  I often wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep.
  I worry about things and have trouble relaxing.
  I wake up earlier in the morning than I would like to.
  I lie awake for half an hour or more before I fall asleep.
  I often feel sad or depressed because I can't sleep.
  I have experienced vivid dreamlike scenes upon falling asleep.
  I have fallen asleep in social settings such as at a party or during conversations.
  I have vivid dreams soon after falling asleep or during naps.
  I have "sleep attacks" during the day no matter how hard I try to stay awake.
  I have episodes of feeling paralyzed sometimes when I'm sleeping.
  I have noticed (or others have commented) that parts of my body jerk during sleep.
  I have been told that I kick and jerk during sleep.
  When trying to go to sleep, I experience an aching or crawling sensations in my legs.
  I experience leg pain or cramps at night.
  Sometimes I can't keep my legs still at night, I just have to move them to feel comfortable.
  I go to sleep late at night and have difficulty getting up in the morning for my daily activities.
  I go to sleep early at night but awaken early in the morning and can't get back to sleep.