How to Refer?

1. Quick Online Referral

2. Downloadable Referral Form

Mail: St John of God Murdoch.
78 Farrington Rd
Leeming 6149

(08) 6161 7647
(08) 6162 0547
To order a referral pad, please call (08) 6161 7647

3. GPs Using MEDICAL DIRECTOR Download page

Instructions for importing into the Medical Director software

  1. In Medical Director, open Letter Writer
  2. Open Blank Template & select Import to import this document
  3. Select Save As to save this template. The use the template by selecting it when you create a New Letter.


Our current waiting list is* : 1.5 WEEKS for a sleep study,
                                              2 WEEKS for a Medical Specialist Review,
                                              1 WEEKS for treatment

*(updated monthly)