Corporate Services

Responsible companies know the costs of fatigue and work-place accidents on productivity and results.

At SleepMed, with our headquarters in the heart of the CBD, we are close partners with businesses who need proven fatigue management. Our services include driver and high risk workers’ screening, group assessments and training for comprehensive fatigue management.

Being the most isolated city in the world, flying and jet-lag is well understood by our executives. We loathe to estimate the lost productivity resulting from difficulties concentrating and struggling to stay awake at those important meeting overseas and interstate.

At SleepMed, we provide medically proven solutions to counteract those jet lag issues and let you concentrate on the job at hand rather than focusing on keeping those eyes open!


We have several actigraphs which are simply worn on one’s wrist and vital information about sleep patterns and the body’s circaidian (body clock) rhythm. They are also important for ensuring high risk workers eg. Truck drivers are getting the right rest at the right times.

If you are a responsible corporate body, we can provide a comprehensive, tailored package to meet your requirements and ensure improved productivity and reduced liability of your workers’.


Sleep deprivation and fatigue cost medium and large business in Australia and estimated $450Million per annum.

At SleepMed, we can tailor a package for your business to improve productivity & reduce workplace accidents. Talk to us today about our free A-Link Screening Program for high risk occupations such as taxi drivers, truck and other vocational drivers and shift workers especially in the mining sector.

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